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Freezing Peaches

Recipe: How to Freeze Peaches
With or Without Sugar or Syrup

Can you freeze peaches? YES you can! ... And it's so easy too!

Freezing Peaches involves a quick and simple process, and is well worth the effort!

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

Frozen Peaches thawed for Dessert with CreamFreeze Peaches now to Enjoy all Winter!

My favourite method used to freeze the peaches is the dry pack method (see instructions below), without sugar.

It's so easy, no blanching needed!

Frozen Peaches

Peaches freeze very well, and having a supply in the freezer is a great idea for storing these delicious fruits all year long.

When you have an urge to make a peach smoothie, peach pie, peach muffins, a special peach dessert, or have a convenient supply of summer's goodness right at your finger-tips!

In my opinion, freezing peaches is one of the more satisfactory ways of preserving the original colour, flavour, and nutritive value of
this delicious fruit.

Your own frozen peaches will taste much better than any frozen peaches that you can purchase from a store!

If you do not have enough room to store frozen peaches in your freezer, you can can peaches instead.

The peaches below were frozen without sugar, using the dry pack method.

Scroll further down for instructions on how to freeze peaches using the dry pack method.

Peaches prepared for freezing using the Dry Pack Method WITHOUT SUGAR.Peaches Prepared for Freezing Without Sugar

These peaches (below) were frozen with sugar using the syrup pack method (see below for instructions).

These are frozen peaches, thawed that our daughter-in-law shared with us, and they made a most delectable dessert! Thanks Jennie!

Picture of Frozen Peaches in Syrup thawed for DessertEnjoying Peaches for Dessert

How long can you store Peaches in the freezer?

Frozen fruit can be stored in the freezer for as long as 12 - 18 months.

If Freezing Peaches, how "ripe" should Peaches be?

Since freezing peaches cannot improve their quality, it is important to select for freezing only that fruit which is at peak maturity. Peaches should be firm-ripe, not un-ripe, nor mushy.

How to Freeze Peaches

Preparing Peaches

Allow 2 to 3 pounds peaches for each 1 litre container.

Gently rinse peaches to remove the "fuzz" than covers the skin and any residual chemicals used by the grower.

Remove skin by peeling peaches or using the blanching method.

GO to Peeling Peaches - How to Peel Peaches

Halve and pit fruit, slice if desired.

Like many other fruits, when freezing peaches, they tend to darken when peeled or cut and exposed to the air.

To help prevent this place fruit in a colour protection solution as soon as it is peeled and cut. Then, when all the peaches are prepared, drain the peaches and proceed with the freezing process.

Use colour protector product such as "Fruit Fresh", or make your own by mixing 1/4 (50 ml.) cup bottled lemon juice with 4 cups (1000 ml.) water.

I like to use the Fresh Fruit Protector product below, available for purchase online at *

Click on the image for more detailed product information and product reviews.

image Fresh Fruit Protector Ascorbic Acid
Bernardin Fruit Fresh Fruit ProtectorBernardin Fresh Fruit Protector

Freezing Methods

There are three methods of freezing fruit which are recommended:

1.  Dry Pack Method - pack the prepared peaches into freezer-safe containers or bags. Seal, label and freeze. 

This is my favourite method of freezing peaches without sugar, and so simple!

2.  Sugar Pack Method - combine the prepared fruit with sugar (**according to the desired sweetness), pack peaches into freezer-safe containers or bag, leaving 1/2" head-space. Seal, label and freeze.

3.  Syrup Pack Method - pack the prepared fruit into freezer-safe containers or bags, and cover with syrup (**according to the desired sweetness), leaving 1/2" head-space. Seal, label and freeze. 

**Suggested sugar and water concentrations to make syrup: Prepare desired syrup, allowing 1 to 1 1/2 cups for each quart.

It may also possible to use sugar substitutes such as "Splenda". Use these products as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Select a syrup to suit the sweetness of the fruits to be canned - and the sweetness level you prefer. Measure the desired amount of sugar and water into a saucepan. Bring to boiling, keep warm.

For very light syrup, use 1 1/4 cups of sugar with 5 1/2 cups of water to yield 6 cups of syrup.

For light syrup, use 2 1/4 cups of sugar with 5 1/4 cups of water to yield 7 cups of syrup.

For medium syrup, use 3 1/4 cups of sugar with 5 cups of water to yield 7 cups of syrup.

For heavy syrup, use 4 1/4 cups of sugar with 4 1/4 cups of water to yield 7 cups of syrup.

Special Note:

If you do not want the frozen peaches to freeze/stick together, you can use the following method, (ONLY for use with the dry pack - no sugar method), so that you can more easily remove a desired amount of frozen peaches from the freezer when you wish to use them. 

Arrange prepared peaches, (including the process of protecting the colour of the peaches) on a parchment or wax paper-lined tray (see picture above).

When the peaches are semi-frozen, (after about 5 hours), pack them into freezer safe containers or bags.

Freezing Peaches without Sugar Using the Dry Pack MethodFreezing Peaches without Sugar - Dry Pack Method

Freezing Peaches

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