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Grilled Fruit Recipes

How to Grill, BBQ, Fruit for
Dessert, Appetizers, Salad

Are you looking for the Best Grilled Fruit Recipes for barbequing snacks, appetizers, salads, dinner or dessert?

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

If so, you have come to the best place! 

Scroll down for amazing recipes for creating the most fabulous dishes AND links to step-by-step instructions for how to grill fruit to perfection - Peaches, Bananas, Strawberries, Pineapple, Apricots, Pears, Apples, Nectarines, Plums, Papaya, Mango and Watermelon.

How to Grill Fruit RecipesGrilling Fruit is Fun and Easy!

It seems that more and more people are choosing to entertain family and friends around the barbeque for special occasions, or just to enjoy a relaxed outdoor dinner around the grill.

If you are grilling dinner, then why not grill the appetizers and/or the dessert too?

Grilling or barbequing fruit is fun, quick and easy!

Direct heat from the grill draws out and caramelizes the natural sugar in fruit, producing the scrumptious fruity flavour of barbequed fruit

Fruits can be grilled on their own, combined with other fruits, (make a grilled fruit salad!), or include cake and be made into a very special summer dessert. Including grilled fruit as an appetizer or in a main dinner dish is becoming popular as well.

If not sliced into pieces that are too small, most fruits can be grilled directly on the grill. Smaller pieces work best on skewers or a grill pan.

To prevent fruit from sticking to the grill, the fruit should be lightly basted with melted butter, a non-stick vegetable oil spray, or and oil based marinade. Some cooks also prefer to oil the grate. 

I like to use olive oil in my "Quickmist Oil Sprayer" (see above image, available for online purchase at *

I use this same sprayer form coating baking pans instead of the purchased non-stick cooking sprays ... I believe a healthier alternative to using non-stick cooking spray aerosol cans.

Many people wonder if olive oil is the best vegetable oil to use when grilling fruit. Some very strong tasting olive oils may be too potent for the fruit. In other cases, it may complement the taste of the fruit, so the decision of whether or not to use olive oil is a matter of personal taste.

Other, more neutral and "lighter" tasting suggestions for which oils to use for fruit grilling are canola oil and grape seed oil.

How to Grill Fruit

There are also sauces available which you can use to marinate the fruit prior to grilling it, brush on while grilling, or serve with the fruit after barbequing it.

A simple to make fruit marinade can be made by making a puree of the same fruits you are grilling, mixed with a little lemon juice, and drizzled over the grilled fruit.

Perhaps the very easiest addition to the grilled fruit is to sprinkle it with brown sugar, cinnamon or ginger.

I love cooking and eating outdoors, whenever the season allows. I live in Canada, where we have a very short period of moderately warm weather, so we try to take advantage of every opportunity to cook and eat in the beautiful outdoors. Our family eats breakfast, lunch and dinner outside every day that it is possible to do so.

The sounds, the smells, and the surroundings display God's Beautiful Creation, and are enjoyments that come with outdoor living!

Grilled Fruit Recipes for Salads,
Dessert and More!

Grilled PINEAPPLE SUNDAES with Rum Sauce

Grilled WATERMELON SIDE for Meat Dinners




Grilled DESSERT Pound CAKE/Fruit


Grilled STRAWBERRIES and PEACHES with Cream

Grilled PEACHES for DESSERT Crumble


Of course, another advantage to grilling and having meals in the outdoors, is that clean-up is simplified!

If you are entertaining a large group of family or guests, after every-one has left, you can easily spray off the patio, the chairs, and so on, and there is no worry or additional work of cleaning up stains or the like.

Many people are choosing to use their barbeques all year round. Of course this works best when grilling foods that require less attention, so you can come in and warm up from time to time:)

Enjoy this Collection of Grilling Recipes Using Fruit, and the links for information on How to Grill Specific Fruit.

I am sure you will find recipes for grilling fruit which will inspire you to create memorable occasions as you and your family and friends gather around the grill! 

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