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Grilled Watermelon Recipe

Idea for a Barbequed Fruit
Side Dish or Appetizer

This Grilled Watermelon Recipe is drizzled with chili sauce and makes a unique grilled fruit side dish or grilled appetizer idea!

Succulent watermelon wedges, grilled until the natural sugars are caramelized, and then drizzled with chili sauce.

A truly unique grilled fruit side dish or a grilled appetizer for a meat dinner for those who are keen on "trying something different".

Great barbequed with ribs, chicken or shrimp dinners.

Grilled Watermelon

Transforming sweet to savoury, this recipe proves you do not only have to eat watermelon for dessert, you can enjoy watermelon in appetizers, salads and main courses too!


1 medium size watermelon
1 tbsp. lime zest
1/4 cup lime juice, divided
1/4 cup liquid honey
2 tsp. chili sauce with garlic
1/16 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. fresh chopped cilantro

Tip -  

Do you know how to tell if a watermelon is ripe, when you are purchasing one, or when you want to harvest the watermelon in your garden?

GO to How to Tell if Watermelon is Ripe


Preheat the grill to medium - high.

In a bowl, mix together with a fork, the lime zest, lime juice, 3 tbsp. of the liquid honey, chili sauce and the salt.

Slice watermelon into about 1" slices (crosswise), and then halve each slice, and halve each piece again. You now have watermelon cut into wedges.

Lightly drizzle each side of the watermelon wedges with the remaining liquid honey, and place the wedges on the heated grill.

Grill until grill marks appear, about 1 - 2 minutes.

Turn, and grill again for about 1 - 2 minutes until browned.

Keep a close watch, the grilling does not take long!

Transfer the grilled watermelon slices to a plate, and drizzle them with the lime dressing.

Garnish the grilled watermelon wedges with the freshly chopped cilantro.


Oil spray bottles are a great aid when grilling fruit!

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