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Pictures of Peach Blossoms

Beautiful Pink Flowering Peach Trees

Peach Blossoms appear on the trees in early Spring.

At this time of year the peach orchards are ablaze with the most beautiful, pinkish flowers creating a striking display!

Here are pictures of these amazing blooming trees! Scroll down for more images of these gorgeous peach flowers.

Pictures /Images of Peach Trees in Bloom /Blossom in May in Niagara, ONPeach Trees in Bloom in Niagara, ON

Picture of Beautiful Pink Peach Tree  BlossomsThe Beautiful Flower /Blossom of the Peach Tree

Each spring, usually in mid-May, when the peach orchards in our area are in full bloom we go for a ride and enjoy the amazing display of God's creation and take in the sight of the flowering peach trees!

Row upon row of peach trees bursting forth with delicate pink flowers, a beautiful show and reminder that in a few months those same trees will be hanging with delicious, juicy peach fruit!

The Peach blossom (Prunus persica), a native of China, is the Delaware (USA) State Flower.

It is a member of the Rosaceae plant family.

The blossom appears before the peach leaves. They bloom as a solitary or paired flower about 2.5 - 3 cm in diameter with five petals.

The colour of the peach flowers can be described as - light pink to carmine, to purplish in colour. 

The ovary on the peach blossom is perigynous, simple (single locule), and surrounded by a hypanthium.

The color of the inner surface of the hypanthium on the flower is indicative of flesh colour.

Peach blossom petals range in size from large and showy to small and curved on margins.

 The blossom is borne singly on short peduncles from lateral buds on 1-yr-old wood.

There are usually 1-2 blossom buds/node.

These blossoms pollinate themselves prior to opening (known as cleistogamy). 

Enjoy the following photographs of flowering peach trees in the Niagara Area of Southern Ontario.

The beautiful pink blossoms can be seen from miles around in the peach orchards in Winona and Vineland.

Peach Trees Flowering in Niagara Area Ontario Canada

Peach Trees Flowering

Different Colours of Peach Blossoms

Young Peach Trees in Bloom

Picture of a Peach Tree Flower

Peach Blossom Time in Winona Ontario Canada

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